When you purchase software, you’re probably already making a big investment. You might think one way to cut down on cost is to skip the product protection or support plan. Dodging these add-ons might not be a big deal for software that has limited reach in your day-to-day operations, but enterprise-level software is a special case with more to consider, such as complexity, number of users, and potential customizations.

One thing to think about as you decide whether support will benefit you is the complexity of the software. This complexity doesn’t just refer to the application’s features, but includes how many people will use or be affected by the software, how important it is to the health of the business, and if you’ll want to customize the software to fit your specific needs.

As the user base for the software grows, so will the number of people that are affected when there is a technical issue, software defect, or need for new features. When an application is integral to day-to-day activities, the loss of this tool can create stress on both the users and internal IT support. To avoid these concerns, it’s important to build a strong support relationship with your vendor to help you quickly resolve issues and limit downtime. You can also expect to receive expert guidance on available features to increase user productivity and, because the vendor will be able to understand your specific issues and requests, see features that are important to you added to the software.

Though not all software can be customized, some ...

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Author: Stephanie Martin, Web Developer at Zasio Enterprises, Inc.