Boise, ID — Zasio Enterprises, Inc. recently celebrated 30 years in records management and information governance (IG). Since 1987, founder and CEO Kevin Zasio has built and grown a company—and just as importantly, a team— that’s made a huge impact to IG programs of companies all over the world.

Zasio, Enterprises Inc. began as a Bay Area startup, where Kevin started the process of developing software that could manage the full storage-to-destruction life cycle of a company’s records. But it wasn’t just software Kevin had to consider. There were also federal, state, and international laws and regulations that laid out specific requirements for records maintenance.

To best manage the business and the risks at the time, Kevin took on all the heavy labor that would eventually make Zasio a success. He developed Zasio’s flagship records management solution, Versatile EnterpriseTM. In the early days, he also championed product training, documentation, and data conversions on his own. His continued dedication to the business was an easy choice for him—he persevered because he loved what he did: building a business, developing software, and knowing his hard work was making the everyday lives of his clients easier.

“When I started, the technology was in its infancy, and I was just excited to be part of the tech revolution,” Kevin said. “I always knew I wanted to run a business. The only question I had then was, ‘what will I do when the doors open?’ Now 30 years later, I appreciate looking back and knowing how much of an impact Zasio has had on both businesses and individuals.”

Kevin’s philosophy is to stick to what you know, do it well, and be the best. Because of this vision, his team knows Zasio will continue to be a success. And he recognizes that the right team keeps the business on track.

“Employees, as well as customers, are assets and need to be treated well,” Kevin says. “We have some of the best people in the industry, and our creative ability and talent will continue to take us in a positive direction where we can continue to impact the industry and the people it serves.”

About Zasio

Zasio Enterprises, Inc. is a leader in information governance, providing affordable technology solutions and consulting services to organizations across the globe. For 30 years, Zasio has been a trusted resource for businesses that need to address information governance and records management challenges. Zasio’s commitment to its customers was founded on the belief that each customer deserves the best. Each solution Zasio provides is a direct reflection of the quality of our people and the company. For more information, visit