Vitrium Systems Inc., a global developer of document security and digital rights management (DRM) software, has relaunched its flagship solution ProtectedPDF as Vitrium Security. The newly released solution brings Vitrium customers improved technology as well as a wholly revamped user interface, with new branding, improved workflows, and faster processing speeds for document protection and user authentication.

Customers on ProtectedPDF’s version 6 cloud-hosted solution were seamlessly upgraded to Vitrium Security, gaining immediate access to the new interface to manage files, users and reports, and taking advantage of the improved processing power. Large enterprises or companies that have integrated Vitrium’s encryption and DRM technology with their own systems were offered new installers and an upgrade path to the latest version. These large organizations can now take advantage of the improved technology and numerous other features added to the software over the past year – extensive analytical reports, protection of Office files, expanded DRM policies, and much more.

For enterprise users of Vitrium Security, improvements in the new version also included advances of the integration capabilities of the software. Enterprises and larger publishers of digital documents now have access to improved APIs for easy integration with their existing document management and end-user credential systems. Vitrium’s RESTful APIs are designed and structured to be used by customers’ technical and IT teams. These in-house teams are familiar with their company’s processes and workflows and can implement Vitrium’s technology as they see fit. Companies can also leverage Vitrium’s experienced Professional Services team to assist with the integration work and support them during this process.

“The rebrand and product changes are an indicator of the direction our company is heading, as it follows last year’s release where we incorporated our DRM technology with Microsoft Office and Outlook, expanding our reach beyond securing PDF documents only,” states Susan Daly, CEO of Vitrium. “We have plans this year to further expand our content security platform with the addition of new file formats including video and images, along with other developments. We will be working closely with our customers and partners to ensure we build a product that meets their needs for content protection today and in the future.”

About Vitrium 
Vitrium provides document security solutions to empower businesses that create, publish, or distribute proprietary or confidential content. Vitrium’s enterprise document security and digital rights management (DRM) software allows clients to protect, control, and analyze exactly how their content is used by their audience. Vitrium protected documents have been published and distributed by thousands of companies and accessed by over a million users worldwide. For more information or to try Vitrium Security, visit