In the last several years, cloud-based email apps like Outlook 365 have won the favor of many businesses. It’s no surprise. They can increase efficiency and save money on software updates. The trouble is, this trend carries information governance (IG) risks if you don’t have a solid plan. Email is a key concern and a big compliance risk for businesses. To limit risks, you should handle emails like any other record. Wherever you store emails, you need to make sure you can easily classify and retrieve them. Local client or cloud, IG holds you to the same standard.

We understand why you might choose cloud email apps. We also know you need to keep your emails compliant. That’s why we added support for Outlook 365 to Versatile Electronic Records Management System (ERMS), our powerful electronic records management system. ERMS is an add-on to Versatile Enterprise, our flagship records management solution. Combined, the products give you complete control over the lifecycle of your records—and you’ll stay in-check with IG standards.

ERMS retains its robust integration with local Outlook clients, and now you can capture emails from Outlook 365 too. When you integrate ERMS with Office 365, you can pick Outlook 365 folders to sync with the ERMS repository. This means that retention and destruction are automatically applied. It also means there’s no more guesswork when it comes to your email retention policies. ERMS makes it easy to classify emails as records by tapping into the way you already organize emails in folders. There’s no need to classify them from memory. And if collaboration causes you headaches, ERMS can fix that too. Your team can share, search, and link emails from a central repository...

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