Use Case: Complex mBoarding: Delivering Innovation with a2ia Mobility

The arrival of smartphones, tablets and mobile applications within the workplace have revolutionized the way businesses operate and the way they interact with customers and prospects.

Public and private companies from all industries: telecommunications, insurance, banks, healthcare, BPOs and even the administration, are offering new services to ensure a higher level of engagement and customer satisfaction. In order to remain competitive, these organizations are continuously looking for faster and more efficient ways to capture and manage customer data, as well as to enroll customers in new accounts and services. By introducing mobile phones and tablets into the workflow, companies can provide flexibility and simplicity to their user experience, and enable their ability to capture enrollment data at the customers’ convenience. 

Many organizations are still processing enrollment documents by hand with a manual review, which is a costly and lengthy process that often generates mistakes.  For many consumers, to open a new account or to update their client data, they must take their hard-copy documents to the branch or local office so that a representative can see their identity document like a drivers’ license or passport, proof of residency document, or bank statements (including RIB, and IBAN).

Then, once keyed into the system, it is the responsibility of another team to verify the data. This multi-step, manual process no longer allows organizations to remain competitive in their customer experience, or to improve their internal operating efficiencies.

By incorporating a2ia Mobility into existing workflows, and without fully redesigning internal processing procedures, the enterprise  can simplify their ability to capture documents, including IDs, forms, and payments, locate and extract the pertinent data directly on the smartphone or tablet, and send the information to the workflow for next steps. By simplifying the experience and allowing consumers the flexibility to processing data at their convenience, customer satisfaction rates are increased and internal efficiencies streamlined.

a2ia Mobility: a fast and secure way to optimize the acquisition of new customers and services.  Achieve regulatory requirements, reduce the risk for fraud, and increase completion rates.

  • With your smartphone, simply take a photo of the documents required to open a new account or to update your existing profile. 
  • a2ia Mobility, an SDK embedded inside the mobile app, delivers the automatic capture of the document, powered by A2iA’s Auto-Locate™ feature, image analysis, image clean-up and recognition directly on the mobile device .
  • Powered by AI and machine learning, a2ia Mobility locates and extracts the machine printed, hand printed and cursive data directly on your mobile phone or tablet, offline and client-side.
  • Then, the extracted data can be validated by the user directly on the handset, before it is sent to the server for further processing.
  • When ready, the app then sends the corrected documents and the extracted data to the workflow where further processing can be completed. Nothing is stored on the device, ensuring data confidentiality and security.
  • Achieve regulatory requirements, reduce the risk for fraud, and ultimately increase completion rates. a2ia Mobility’s flexible and scalable capabilities integrated into a mobile app or complex onboarding workflow enable a customizable solution that ensures a satisfied customer.

With a2ia Mobility, organizations can speed and simplify the collection of customer information and process enrollment documents directly from their smartphones and tablets. Simple, efficient and integrated seamlessly inside a mobile app, a2ia Mobility delivers advanced mobile capture and data recognition for a new and simplified customer experience. Customizable and scalable, the SDK is flexible to meet the needs of organizations around the world and in various markets and sizes.

The AI and machine-learning-based SDK can be integrated into complex onboarding solutions to help improve customer engagement with a simple experience, achieve regulatory requirements, reduce the risk for fraud, and ultimately increase completion rates.

By allowing for a new channel of capture and processing during the onboarding and enrollment phase, a2ia Mobility delivers a simple user experience and also removes much of the manual keying in legacy workflows, delivering a higher quality of data to integrate in the information system and CRM.