Although Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care has remained optimistic about the ‘paperless NHS’ target of 2020 set out in the NHS Five Year Forward View, it is a target scrutinised by many. It’s time to admit the 2020 deadline for electronic patient records is in a bad state of health.

As the NHS struggles towards a 2020 target for electronic patient records it may be time to ask whether the deadline itself is unhealthy. In a world where the amount of data is increasing exponentially, and demand for the health service is soaring, it’s easy to see why the government has been so anxious to modernise the way we keep records. But is such a tight deadline achievable – or even sensible?

Few people, whether patients or clinicians, truly believe paper-based systems are the best choice for the modern age; however, many hospitals and practices continue to rely on the old ways despite successive government campaigns to drag their systems into the 21st century.

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