The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) manages all the ground transportation in the city of San Francisco. To increase efficiency in file storage and retrieval and free up valuable office space, the SFMTA implemented the KnowledgeLake platform that would both digitize their business processes and integrate seamlessly with their existing SharePoint system. The result is a digital organization that’s enjoying increased productivity and reclamation of valuable office space.  


SFMTA manages the entire ground transportation system—including the historic Municipal Railway, parking, traffic, bicycling, walking, and taxis—of the City and County of San Francisco. It serves over one million customers in San Francisco who rely on them for safe, practical, and dependable travel options in the community.  The nature of SFMTA’s business meant that their offices were inundated with paper records that occupied valuable office space, hindered easy search and retrieval, and needed to be managed properly to adhere to record retention policies. The agency needed a solution that would digitize their business processes, freeing up physical space and enabling employee productivity, while also facilitating the enforcement of business-critical record retention policies. The agency had used the KnowledgeLake platform in a limited scope within their Payroll department for a decade, but limited deployment meant that SFMTA’s paper-based method of document retrieval and storage in their daily business processes was outdated and hindering employee productivity. They also needed a solution that would easily integrate with their existing SharePoint document management system: “With SharePoint introduced to the agency, we needed a way to effectively make our documents digital and easy to store and retrieve,” - Virdis Gamble, SFMTA Productivity Services Manager


SFMTA decided to expand their use of the KnowledgeLake platform across their entire agency as an integration into their existing SharePoint system, deploying it across many departments, including accounting, capital finance, contracts and procurement, real estate, human resources, and payroll. Integration into their existing IT infrastructure has proved simple with the KnowledgeLake platform because it “[fit] well with SharePoint, which is important for us,” says Gamble. The KnowledgeLake platform has facilitated end user adoption both because of its browser-based nature and straightforward search capabilities: Data-driven searches within the platform allow for users to quickly retrieve and edit documents as necessary.  


The scanning, indexing, and search retrieval features of the KnowledgeLake platform have allowed SFMTA to remove a large amount of paper from their business equation, freeing up valuable office space for better use and streamlining their day-to-day operations. Digitization of Business Processes SFTMA had always wanted to go digital. “With the agency utilizing SharePoint, we had a great start to go in this direction but were missing the scanning, indexing, and search retrieval part of the equation,” says Gamble. Their adoption of KnowledgeLake provided the missing link they needed to finally take their business processes out of the world of paper and into the more productive world of digital.

More Efficient Use of Valuable Office Space Office space is a business-critical resource for any organization, but even more so for those based in highcost cities like San Francisco. “One of the goals of going digital is to reclaim space,” Gamble says. By digitizing significant amounts of paper they deal with every day, SFMTA has started to free up rooms and get rid of filing cabinets that can be found in hallways around the office. “Going digital will help us free up space for employee workstations and meeting rooms,” says Gamble. Increased Value in Employee Workday Digitizing its documents through KnowledgeLake has allowed SFMTA to automate its business processes, granting users the ability to spend their time at work on more productive projects. “The possibilities for increasing a user’s day to day experience increases exponentially,” - Virdis Gamble SFMTA Productivity Services Manager Rather than devote valuable time to manually reviewing processes, signing documents, and ensuring adherence to record retention policies like before, SFMTA employees are free to do more useful things.