PICS™, based in New Jersey, provides a comprehensive document management application for customers. The DocLib™ browser-based application is used by customers to replace inefficient and costly paper-based processes. There’s good reason for organizations to move away from paper-based processes. An estimated 18 minutes is the average search time for a paper document. Also, each misfiled document costs organizations an average of $125 and, it’s $350 to $700 for lost documents. U.S managers spend an average of four weeks yearly searching for or waiting on misfiled, mislabeled, untracked or “lost” papers.

PICS recently updated DocLib with a “Simple Scan’ feature. To enable this feature, the company turned to Dynamsoft for an image capture SDK. The use of Dynamsoft’s Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK helped PICS more rapidly develop the “Simple Scan” feature. This also kept development costs lower. Now, the DocLib “Simple Scan” feature is used by dozens of customers to quickly scan and capture documents for storage, retrieval or routing for workflow processes. Documents scanned include accounts payable vouchers, sales orders, inventory transactions and more. The feature helps DocLib users more quickly manage and process document management workflows.

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