Prior to the installation of PaperFlow™ and PaperVision® Enterprise (PVE), CRC was continuously moving medical charts, often several hundred throughout the organization (six locations in all), and keeping track of where charts were within the company often proved a time-consuming and costly task. Each time a chart was moved the risk of losing or misfiling it increased. They were concerned about spending more time focusing on their clients’ needs and well-being and less time searching for medical records.

The installation of PaperFlow and PVE in May 2005 allowed employees of Community Reach Center to scan the entire medical chart including progress notes, diagnosis, prescriptions, lab results, dictation etc. for viewing with PVE. By implementing both PaperFlow and PVE, Community Reach Center was able to increase efficiency within the organization and provide instant access to critical medical information to anyone who needed it.

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