Benefits of paperless (ECM_ technology can include dramatic increases in efficiency, quality, service, governance, compliance, and knowledge protection.  Yet in spite of the above benefits, major industry studies find that the vast majority of organizations have made minimal progress towards becoming paper-free and a significant number have not even started yet.  Conversely, many organizations have deployed paperless technology in an inconsistent bubble up fashion, without proper planning and have created serious operational, litigation, regulation compliance, and audit issues.

This paper will discuss: reasons, we at CRE8 Independent Consultants, believe are responsible for the delayed or incorrect implementation of paperless (ECM) technologies and how the “process” of paperless technology planning, budget, implementation, and measurement can be improved through use of process improvement methods such as Continuous Process Improvement, Business Process Management, Re-engineering, LEAN, and Six Sigma. 

To illustrate these benefits, at the end of the white paper, case studies are presented and a high-level end-user planning checklist is provided.  READ MORE