On September 12th the announcement came that Documentum is no longer the stranger in the midst of Dell EMC.

With Documentum joining the OpenText family, a new chapter will be written in the future of Enterprise Content Management.

Documentum has come home. Home to an organization that shares the same passion for ECM as we do at Informed Consulting.

The move, that for a long time was anticipated and hoped for, has become reality now that Dell EMC has sold the EMC Enterprise Content

Division (which includes great products like Documentum, InfoArchive and Captiva) to OpenText.

A move that we are extremely excited and pleased about because we – the customers and partners that use Documentum for state of the art

business processes – all saw that despite a prosperous marriage, ECD wasn’t able to achieve its full potential within the EMC family.

Like in real life, marriages sometimes result in unforeseen and unwanted tightness for one of the partners.

Within OpenText everybody breathes Enterprise Content Management and/or Enterprise Information Management.

It’s all about it. No distraction. Full investment in the future of that great portfolio. It’s not an option. It’s a life necessity.

The merger of the two giants in ECM will not be easy. At this new dawn serious effort is being put in a clear roadmap.

Of course, it is not finished but now that the first dust has settled, we are so excited about what we hear and see coming from ECD management and respected analysts.

Being part of that bright future is important to us. That is why we are sharing with you, how we feel about it and the future as we see it:

  • The vertical market solutions of Documentum in Life Sciences and Engineering are the main reason for OpenText to jump to the buy.
    The effort, vision and functionality will be guaranteed for many years; there is no dispute in conflicting functionality.
  • The focus of the current OpenText product is mainly on collaboration and business intelligence. For Documentum it is mainly on enterprise control and compliancy.
    There is some overlap but also a clear strategy around that because there is a visible difference in purpose and focus.
  • In many cases there was a head on fight between Documentum and OpenText for the same prey.
    Now the strengths of both are leveraged and better solutions will become available to clients from a single vendor.
  • The areas of Case Management (xCP), Capture (Captiva), Information preservation (InfoArchive) and Enterprise Content Applications (LEAP)
    are solely provided by the renown solutions of Documentum. They boost the OpenText portfolio.

What will follow are months of hard work on an integrated roadmap. The first contours will begin to shine through at Momentum Barcelona.
We earmark OpenText Enterprise World (July 2017) as the milestone for a profound roadmap and insights in how the complementing as well as overlapping functionalities will live on.

In the meantime we keep working on our great products and with our great customers & partners on this beautiful ECM platform.


Informed Consulting and its subsidary Informed Products deliver consulting and products to help organizations implementing their ECM strategy. Informed Consulting is gold partner of Dell EMC ECD (Documentum) as well as gold part of Microsoft.