We’re excited to be attending the 2018 MER Conference in Chicago, IL, May 7-9. Have questions about how to handle records retention for emails, social media posts, or other types of electronic records? Want to learn more about how to manage the potential impact of the GDPR? Wondering how to keep up with Cloud? Schedule one-on-one meetings with us to discuss your pain points and learn more about managing electronic records. We would love to hear what you have been working on and share our experiences to see how we may be able to support–whether it is demonstrating the power and efficiency of our software solutions to managing your records, or consulting services to tackle program initiatives, such as simplify retention schedules to make them actionable.

Space is limited – schedule today by emailing us at sales@zasio.com!


About MER:

MER is the only national conference focusing on the issues and challenges of managing electronic records and information from three perspectives: legal, technical, and operational. MER brings the best IG professionals together, delivering insight into today’s electronic record management issues. Be prepared to get inspired. Leave with renewed confidence.