All enterprises, whether they be commercial, governmental, charitable, or any other structure, are regulated in some way when it comes to information management; there are even laws regulating the president of the United States. There are several regulatory requirements that impact enterprises during information creation, custodianship, archival and disposition cycles. Good practice requires the identification of information types that constitute official records and the creation of a Records Retention Schedule (RRS) to manage the official records. RRS’s specify (among other things) how to properly retain records and what steps are necessary in retaining and disposing of records to comply with regulations. 

The following article link will briefly discuss requirements impacting the duration of records retention, including privacy laws and, even though they do not mandate a definitive retention period duration, statutes of Limitations (SOLs). Finally, this article will then introduce and describe several handling and ancillary requirements related to records retention.

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Author: Richard Surber, Senior Records Analyst at Zasio Enterprises, Inc.