As a 100-year-old company and a leader in records management for the past 25 years, GRACE embraces the importance of the entire lifecycle of information and aims to provide “peace of mind” solutions that address all stages of information management—from capture to destruction.

In 1998, Smith signed on as a Digitech Systems value-added reseller. Ten years later, DMS is a $3.5 million business with more than one-third of its revenue generated from Digitech Systems’ Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software sales.

With the intent of expanding product offerings, GRACE analyzed customer needs and recognized a need for web-based Enterprise Content Management (ECM). Already familiar with Digitech Systems’ comprehensive ECM solutions, they saw the value of leveraging their Digitech Systems reseller partnership to help them answer these customer demands and create recurring revenue.

By investing in their opportunity with Digitech Systems and by building their own web-based data storage solution, GRACE answers more of their customer needs and increases profits. “GRACE OnDemand is the future of our business,” said Michael Hyland, National General Manager.

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