Orlando, Fla. -- March 13, 2017 – ELO Digital Office USA, enabling businesses to improve collaboration and streamline information management in a digital economy, announced today that it will showcase the ELO Digital Office solution portfolio at AIIM17. ELOoffice, ELOprofessional, and ELOenterprise comprise ELO flagship offerings, which address the enterprise content management needs of any size company across a broad range of industries. ELOoffice is the entry-level solution for small businesses; ELOprofessional for SMEs has a modular client/server framework; and ELOenterprise is a platform-independent and multi-client solution that is best suited for large companies and corporations. ELO DMS Desktop integrates the functions of all three product lines seamlessly into Microsoft Office. ELO USA will demonstrate these offerings at the annual AIIM Conference, which brings together information professionals from around the world (Booth #30; Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress; March 14-16).

“AIIM’s mission – helping organizations put information to work – is completely aligned with the value delivered in all ELO products,” said Szilvia Horvath, president and CEO of ELO Digital Office USA. “Therefore, we are delighted to contribute to the success of AIIM17 by sharing with AIIM attendees the innovative ways that ELO enables companies to migrate from paper-based processes and digitally collaborate and manage knowledge across the enterprise.” ELO Digital Office solutions help companies to digitally manage corporate information by creating an infrastructure for secure, fast, effective, and economical business processes.

ELO Solutions: Empowering Collaboration – Accelerating Time-to-Market

The award-winning ELO Digital Office products and solutions offer electronic document management, digital archiving, and workflow management for all areas of enterprise content management. All solutions include capabilities for:

  • Capturing information into the electronic ELO repository for central and fast access to information
  • Converting a broad range of industry-specific documents (contracts, e-mails, invoices, etc.) into an electronic record, enabling a transparent audit trail
  • E-mail archiving to ensure e-mails and attachments are linked to existing business processes and stored in a legally compliant manner
  • Electronic workflows to control corporate processes across departments and help guarantee timely and reliable processing of business cases
  • Document versioning for a secure and well-structured environment that facilitates collaboration
  • Document Management System (DMS) repository for storing business-relevant information in a legally compliant manner
  • Integration with a variety of business applications, such as CAD, CRM, ERP, and e-mail systems, or with Microsoft Office products

AIIM17 Editorial Notes:

Mark your calendars for ELO USA programs at AIIM17, including:

  • March 14-16: One-on-one product demonstrations at ELO USA Booth #30. To schedule a product demo, e-mail US-sales@elo.com
  • March 15/3:35pm: AIIM RoundTable -- Social Collaboration in Content Management – featuring ELO Digital Office USA

About ELO Digital Office USA

ELO Digital Office USA provides innovative digital content management solutions for organizations of all sizes and industries throughout the United States. ELOoffice, ELOprofessional, and ELOenterprise give businesses an electronic and secure way to easily capture, archive, and manage business documents and information – both paper-based and digital. A subsidiary of ELO Digital Office GmbH (founded in 1998), ELO USA is headquartered in Boston, MA and is part of a network of global ELO offices throughout Asia, Australia, Europe, and North and South America. ELO Digital Office GmbH has an extensive network of global business partners and maintains technology partnerships with industry leaders such as IBM, Microsoft, and SAP. Visit ELO USA.  Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.



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