The Dynamic Web TWAIN Version 13.0 SDK Provides a New Design Alongside Some Important Under-the-Hood Improvements; Modules for Barcode Reading, OCR, and More Now Usable Independent of SDK VANCOUVER – June 20, 2017 Dynamsoft introduced its latest Dynamic Web TWAIN™ document scanning software development kit (SDK), version 13.0, featuring an all-new design, a more central Dynamsoft core service, and all independent modules to improve overall user experience. Dynamsoft now offers all-independent modules for Scan, Camera Capture, PDF Rasterizer, Barcode Reader and OCR capabilities. Using these as add-on modules to an SDK is no longer required. Underneath the newly optimized design, developers will also appreciate the new silent module installation and upgrading. Users can install or upgrade modules without the need to execute any installers. These improvements stem from optimizations to the Dynamsoft basic and core service which users will now seldom need to upgrade once installed. In addition, with version 13.0, users can now run multiple versions of the Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK on one machine. This is convenient for developers using an older version of a Dynamsoft SDK that want to try a new version. "Our Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK has evolved over the years to suit the full needs of our developer customers and now this includes modularizing components for great flexibility in use," said Amy Gu, Vice President of Dynamsoft. "The strength of this SDK solution stems from multiple generations of product development based on customer feedback. It has resulted in a comprehensive, mature, reliable and highly adaptable SDK for all document management scan and capture application needs." Read more: Learn more about Dynamic Web TWAIN: