Version 5.0 Lets Application Developers Better Optimize Performance for Their Own Barcode Scanning Scenarios, with a New Ability to Specify Capture Devices, A New Deblur Algorithm, and More

VANCOUVER – March 6, 2017

Dynamsoft is releasing its new Barcode Reader software development kit (SDK), upgraded with new capabilities that help application developers apply barcode scanning and decoding performance features specific to optimizing their application or scenario. Such new features include a new deblur algorithm, multi-thread processing, the ability to specify capture devices, and more.

Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK version 5.0 now includes a deblur algorithm for 1D barcodes that is particularly useful for scanning linear barcodes from out-of-focus, blurred images. This can greatly help improve the decoding accuracy for linear barcodes. Also in the new SDK, developers can specify the capture device used to scan barcode images. This can include a scanner, camera or fax machine. When set, the SDK can then apply an appropriate image processing technique specific to the images captured from that device. For example, when scanned documents are black and white or gray, salt-and-pepper noise is particularly common in such images. Dynamsoft's Barcode Reader SDK v5.0 lets developers define and optimize barcode processing to such specific scenarios, depending on what's likely in workflows they need to support.

The company also added a multi-thread capability for 1D barcode reading and decoding. It's part of an on-going effort to continually improve barcode decoding performance. Version 5.0 also allows developers to more easily specify where barcodes should be scanned. To do this, developers can identify page numbers for barcode detection, a barcode region on a page, the barcode size on a page, and the barcode module size and barcode angle. This specificity speeds barcode scanning and decoding workflows by bypassing document pages or regions where barcodes don't exist. It also lets users bypass invalid barcodes.

"Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK version 5.0 provides some significant advantages for optimizing barcode performance specific to scenarios developers need to support in their applications," said Amy Gu, Vice President of Dynamsoft. "This makes the SDK even more well-suited for demanding applications where barcodes are mission-critical, such as healthcare and government."