Deson Technology is a founding member of Asian Institute of Intelligent Buildings. They are principally engaged as a system integrator in intelligent buildings business, actively take part in various projects and sales distribution in major cities/provinces in China and Hong Kong. Deson Technology has formed joint venture companies with other renowned international intelligent building services providers.

Business Needs

Deson Technology provides customizable intelligent buildings solutions for customers. During the project implementation, offsite programmers work on the customer’s site for faster response and better communication, while onsite programmers test the code in the company office.

They were using Microsoft Visual SourceSafe for version control and central source code storage. The VSS database resides in the company office, and offsite programmers use VSS (Internet) Plug-In to access the database.

While the team is enjoying VSS’s straightforward version control functionalities, two problems showed up:
Firstly, the internet access is very slow for the offsite programmers. It was almost unbearable. This also affected the onsite test and programming team, since the offsite and onsite users’ code could not be synchronized in time. Sometimes developers overwrite each other’s work by mistake without realizing it.

Secondly, VSS (Internet) Plug-In does not support Big5 code, which is the encoding method used for Traditional Chinese characters. The programmers need to version control the source code manually. It took them a lot of effort to synchronize each one’s source code version.

So the team began to look for a solution which supports Big-5 code and allows offsite users to work with VSS through internet like in the company office. They evaluate SourceAnywhere for VSS and two other solutions, and SourceAnywhere became their final choice because of the performance and friendly GUI.

Learn how they solved their issue.