The City of Kodiak, serves more than 6,000 residents in Kodiak, Alaska. In 2003, the City Clerk started to work on a comprehensive management system at the direction of the City Council. They were in need of a solution that could consolidate processes and manage their electronic and physical records efficiently. In 2005, an independent consultant working with the City Clerk recommended Zasio for the company’s robust technology solution offerings that addressed each of the outlined needs. Since the start of the partnership, the two entities have implemented a solution that takes into consideration the intricate needs of the growing City.


  • Rebuild the existing retention schedule
  • Consolidate the process and needs for managing content across all departments
  • Implement a technology solution that would be simple to use for the varying levels of technical knowledge within the different departments
  • Capture all records, including electronic documents and emails
  • Easily organize and track location of physical records in multiple buildings and locations



To address the immediate needs of the City, Zasio recommended and assisted in the implementation of Versatile Enterprise™. The leading records and document management solution was the perfect tool to take on all of the information stored in electronic and physical form by each department, as well as create a dynamic retention schedule that was both streamlined and easy to use. Versatile Enterprise’s intuitive user interface and functionality allowed the City to use minimal technology resources and ensured that users with varying degrees of experience and ability to interact with technology software felt comfortable with the new system.

Zasio’s team of experts worked with key City personnel, including the City Clerk’s office, Information Systems, and other departments to ensure:

  • Smooth implementation
  • Accurate migration of legacy information
  • Key individuals were thoroughly trained to provide direction to others in their respective departments
  • Each of the City’s processes were analyzed for efficiency and consistency across the organization



In partnering with Zasio, the City of Kodiak saw impressive results, including:

  • The ability to track over 100,000 physical records in one technology solution
  • Easily searchable 140GB electronic file storage database, providing quick access to all electronic records
  • A consistent records retention schedule across all City departments
  • Ability to work in all user environments utilized across the City’s infrastructure
  • Flexibility for growth as the City’s use and needs expanded
  • Confidence with a solution that provided all the physical requirements along with a support team that would be there for future guidance


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