City and County of Denver realized a need for a records management solution that could not only manage their physical records but could also handle more than 7 million electronic records contained in an existing repository. They needed an organized solution that also contained a retention schedule that would purge documents based off specific record classifications.



    • Implement a records management software application to handle physical and electronic records
    • Provide the ability to calculate retention dates and destroy eligible documents


To address the immediate needs of The City & County of Denver, Zasio recommended and assisted in the implementation of their flagship records management software solution Versatile Enterprise™. Leveraging Versatile Enterprise to manage more than 7 million electronic documents presented a challenge due to the need to integrate with Alfresco, Denver’s existing electronic records repository. Zasio used their Versatile Fuse application to synchronize with Alfresco to calculate retention dates and destroy eligible documents.

Versatile Enterprise combined with Fuse proved to be the perfect solution for applying retention and destruction policies to Denver’s current records repository. Zasio’s team of experts worked closely with County of Denver’s records management team led by Guy Mason as well as contractors Johann Ortner and Steven Willie to ensure:

    • Smooth transition and implementation
    • Accurate synchronization of metadata from previous records management software into Versatile Enterprise
    • Key records management team members were thoroughly trained to ensure accurate understanding and ability to transfer information to others in their respective departments



Using Versatile Enterprise and the Versatile Fuse integration tool, Denver achieved a “State of the Art” fully-integrated Records Management System. By year-end they had already synchronized more than two million of their documents. Versatile Enterprise provided Denver with:

    • The ability to track physical and electronic records in one technology solution
    • An organized approach to destroying records, requiring a series of approvals before records are destroyed
    • A fully traceable process for audit purposes with a 30-day recovery window to recall in case of inadvertent destruction
    • Flexibility for growth as the City’s use and needs expanded
    • Confidence with a solution that provided all the physical requirements along with a support team that would be there for future guidance


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