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Government Agency Suceeds with Document Collaboration

August 04, 2015

PROFILEThe regional government of Foggia is an autonomous local government body that manages local public services and promotes economic and social development. In an effort to not only bette... (more)

Novelli Group success with Secure Document Collaboration

August 04, 2015

PROFILEThe Novelli Group is a leader in the Consumer Packaged Goods/Food Manufacturing sector. In the last decade it has experienced one of the highest rates of growth in its sector - jumping... (more)

Pennsylvania Governor’s Office Handles Correspondence Management with INDICIUM

June 04, 2015

The Governor’s Correspondence and Scheduling Offices receive hundreds of letters and emails every single day from the 12 million residents across the state of Pennsylvania. The staff of... (more)

Changing Landscape of Enterprise Search and Publishing - VansonBourne

March 05, 2015

Challenged to manage the growing volumes of structured and ... (more)

Vertical Structures - Rocket Folio Powers Engineering Schematic and to Reduce Time to Market

March 05, 2015

The advanced keyword search capability of Rocket Folio has helped Vertical Structures, an engineering and construction company, signific... (more)

Smarter Search: How DLA Piper Drives Efficiency with Search Based Applications

November 17, 2014

Faced with information management and search challenges, leading law firm DLA Piper enhanced the efficiency of search for information firm-wide; reduced the number of silos that made it hard for th... (more)

Breaking the enterprise search immaturity cycle: consumerizing enterprise search to achieve ROI

November 17, 2014

We live in an information age. Data generation is exploding. According to Eric Schmidt, Chairman of Google Corporation, "There was 5 Exabytes of information created from the dawn of civilization th... (more)

Five Steps to Make Search a Killer Application: Agnes Molnar, Search Explained

November 17, 2014

Search-Based Applications are getting more and more attention as the concept is very powerful. However, planning and implementing Search-Based Applications is a challenging process with lots of dif... (more)