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10 Rules for Evaluating Web TWAIN Components – for 2015 and Beyond

January 04, 2016

In 2011, we published a great article called 10 Rules for Evaluating... (more)

The implementation of the Enterprise Content Management platform for ING Bank Śląski

December 23, 2015

ING Bank Śląski – one of the leaders of the banking market in Poland, belonging to the ING capital group &nd... (more)

Improve the Barcode Recognition Rate of Your Application

November 13, 2015

Improve the Barcode Recognition Rate of Your Application   When de... (more)

10 rules for evaluating web twain components

November 13, 2015

TWAIN is a software protocol developed by member companies of TWAIN Working Group to provide what is today the most universal standard for communicating between applications and image acquisition d... (more)

Making progress possible – changing the way we look at content

November 10, 2015

Making progress possible – changing the way we look at content  By ... (more)

[Press Release] Adlib Adds Strength to Leadership Team to Help Drive Industry Transformation

October 27, 2015

With the launch of its leading-edge “Deep Insight”&... (more)

Paperless Technology And Process Improvement White Paper

September 11, 2015

Benefits of paperless technology can include dramatic increases in efficiency, quality, service, governance, compliance, and knowledge protecti... (more)

Workers' Comp Association Migrates to More Robust Document Management Platform with Room to Grow

September 08, 2015

This Midwestern nonprofit, licensed by its home state as a Data Service Organization, collects policy, claims, and financial data from member insurers licensed to ... (more)

Stream Video Files to Any Device with LEADOOLS Media Streaming

September 01, 2015

Introduction   Clients have high expectations for video streaming playback, and the responsibility of a positive user experience is almost completely in the server's court. E... (more)

Scan Anything, Anywhere, Any Time

September 01, 2015

Introduction Scan anything, anywhere, any time. That is the dream for many people, and today's technology is making that a reality. Using a camera such as those on smartphones to capture ... (more)