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ROT Introduction & Prevention Tips

March 07, 2017

Defined ROT stands for Redundant, Obsolete, and/or Trivial information and includes all information NOT being stor... (more)

Implications of Statutes of Limitations, Privacy & Handling Requirements on Information Management

March 07, 2017

All enterprises, whether they be commercial, governmental, charitable, or any other structure, are regulated in some way when it comes to information management; th... (more)

Case Study: City of Denver

March 07, 2017

Summary City and County of Denver realized a need for a records management solution that could not only manage their physical records but could also h... (more)

IDT to sponsor upcoming SEKO Logistics Global Owners Conference!

March 02, 2017

IDT partners with CAPSYS CAPTURE®, leading web-based, scanning software, to sponsor ... (more)

ImageSilo® Helps National Jewish Medical Center Streamline Processes While Maintaining HIPAA Complia

March 01, 2017

As the nation’s #1 respiratory hospital, National Jewish Medical and Research Center handles 38,000 patient visits annually, generating tens of thousands of documents. With the advent o... (more)

ImageSilo® streamlines patient records system for University of Illinois Medical Center at Chicago

March 01, 2017

 The University of Illinois Medical Center at Chicago is the eleventh largest hospital in the Chicago area. Producing annual revenues of approximately $400 million, the Medical Center ha... (more)

Adams School District 50 Saves Jobs and Wins Awards Using ImageSilo®

March 01, 2017

Adams County District 50, one of Colorado’s largest school districts, used to utilize a variety of methods to track school records including electronic files, paper and microfilm ... (more)

ImageSilo® Eases Enrollment for Students Displaced by Hurricane Katrina

March 01, 2017

For the students of Isidore Newman private school, located in historic New Orleans, the enrollment process is somewhat simpler than for many other students from the Hurricane affected areas. ... (more)

Wake Forest University Secures Student Records and Accelerates File Retrieval with ImageSilo®

March 01, 2017

Since implementing ImageSilo, the Software as a Service (SaaS) ECM technology, WFU effectively manages stude... (more)

Eppy Financial Group Makes Compliance a Breeze with ImageSilo®

March 01, 2017

 After Fran Eppy learned about Enterprise Content Management (ECM) at a conference for MassMutual insurance agents, she started to see the filing cabinets in her office from a completely... (more)