In the world we live in today, customer support is a requirement for most products or services we use for both business and personal reasons. At some point, we’ve all contacted customer support representatives. Those experiences probably ranged from, “I waited on hold for two hours, was transferred four times, and my issue still hasn’t been addressed…” to “Thank you for the great service, my reason for contacting support has been resolved.”  A company may have great products and services, but a few bad experiences with customer support can cause us to take our business elsewhere.

As Zasio Software Support Specialists, our goal is to always respond to the support needs of our customers in a friendly, timely, and professional manner. The records management and retention scheduling software and Information Management consulting services we offer are second to none, which demands our customer support be top notch as well.

So, what does a typical day in the life of a Zasio Software Support Specialist involve? Here are the highlights of what we do each day to take care of our awesome customers:

  • Product Support and Maintenance: Our Versatile applications are installed and used in about as many ways as the hundreds of customers that use them. Our highest priority throughout the day is to respond to support calls and e-mails to resolve issues that affect production systems. This includes more than just troubleshooting application errors. We also answer questions about application capabilities, assist with installation and configuration, help with custom report design, and provide recommendations on how to effectively and efficiently use Versatile applications. To ensure we find the best solution, we always strive to understand the issue a customer has or the business need they want to meet.
  • Customer Projects: When we aren’t responding to support requests, we turn our attention to customer projects. Projects include data conversions, application customizations, advanced report design, or product integration. Basically, any work our customer requests that requires more time than we can perform during a typical support call.
  • Training Sessions: The Versatile product user manuals are very detailed. They explain all the capabilities of the software and how to use it. For new or existing customers that want a more interactive option, we provide remote or onsite training. To train, we use the customer’s own Versatile product implementation, which allows us to focus on their specific needs and usage scenarios.
  • Product Development & Testing: Because of the regular interaction we have with our customers, we can provide valuable feedback and feature requests to our software developers. This helps the development team make Versatile products better with each new release. This also ensures any “bugs” that may be found in a current release are resolved. Before new products or upgrades to current products are made available to our customers, we thoroughly test them to make sure there are no significant issues we need to address.
  • Documentation Review: Our very talented technical writing staff writes all the Versatile software documentation in-house. As Software Support Specialists, we provide input on the more technical (nerdy) details of installing and configuring the products. We also review each product guide in detail, test each instruction, validate each image, and do all we can to make sure our product documentation is as accurate, thorough, and easy to use as possible.

So, what’s a day like in the life of a Zasio Software Support Specialist?  It’s never dull, always an adventure, and simply put: IT’S AWESOME!!


  Author: Software Support Specialist, Ron Farnsworth