Our Research Team had another eventful year in 2017. We conducted international research for 58 countries, which includes all states and DC for the U.S. and all Australian and Canadian territories/states.

This research was performed for Consulting clients and Versatile Retention (VR) software subscribers in a wide range of industries, including financial institutions, manufacturing, and pharmaceuticals.

Internationally, we added over 11,000 citations and updated nearly 4,000. Domestically, we added nearly 3,000 citations and updated 2,000. A significant portion were added because of expanding subscription jurisdictions.

The EU adoption of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (Regulation 2016/679) becomes effective later this year, so it’s especially important to stay up-to-date on laws evolving around this Regulation.

VR clients can stay current with all the latest changes to recordkeeping and handling laws by running searches in the Research “Advanced mode” tab and selecting “Date Updated” to limit results customizable date ranges.

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Author: Richard Surber, Senior Analyst at Zasio Enterprises, Inc.