Xenit | Partner and System Integrator of Alfresco Digital Business Platform


Xenit Solutions (Xenit) is a Belgium-based IT company, and an official system integrator partner of Alfresco, the Digital Business Platform. Xenit focuses on content services solutions, covering all document-related business processes. We provide Alfresco Digital Business Platform, as content and process services solution and in particular with focus on: 1. Alfresco project design and implementation: data capture and migration from paper or legacy systems to Alfresco, design and implementation of Alfresco. 2. Alfresco operational and managed services: after the deployment of the platform, Xenit provides a bespoke service level agreement to keep Alfresco up and running. We guarantee up to 99.9% Alfresco availability. 3. Bespoke products tailor-made for Alfresco: Xenit is passionate about productivity, so we built products and tools that enhance Alfresco’s capabilities, from user interfaces, to monitoring systems, all aimed at reducing content chaos, managing the document life-cycle. 4. Digital Archive: for organizations that need to keep their core business information from 5 to 10 years. 5. On premise | Hybrid | Cloud Hosting: Cloud is the new normal, but most of the organizations are moving more towards a hybrid solution. Xenit provides services to design, deploy, customize, integrate and scale the strategy the best fits the company’s strategy.

ECM is not just platform, but it is a service that needs to be managed. This is why at Xenit, we deliver not only Alfresco, but we also guaranteed performance and quality of services, through Alfred, a fully integrated, open source, solution.


Diestsevest, 32 Floor 4
Leuven, Flanders 3000