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With a greater emphasis being placed on relevant data that might exist on backup media, it is important for corporations and their legal teams to understand the available technologies and approaches that can best be presented to the court. The Oliver Group has been providing media/tape related solutions for more than a decade and have helped our clients navigate through the myriad of issues they face when dealing with ESI on backup tapes. A consultative approach helps clients consider some of the solutions that help mitigate both the risks and costs associated with the process. Key discussion topics often include: Is there a well defined scope of the discovery request including custodian list and timeframe of interest? Can custodians be mapped to specific email databases or file server backups? Is cataloging or sampling something that would allow for a more cost effective approach? Were there retention policies related to the email environment and could this have an impact in reducing the scope of tapes required? Has the client considered the potential that additional custodians may be requested at a later date and built a plan that addresses this issue? Could there be exposure implications/risks to consider related to restoring data not relevant to the matter at hand? Has sampling or other techniques been considered to help better assess the volume of relevant information (not already found in live systems) at a specific point in time or the differences in volume at specific points in time?


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