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Electronic records—everything from scanned documents and emails to web pages and instant message conversations-- are a reality for almost all organizations today. The growth of these formats can be a big headache, especially when you are still managing large volumes of paper records in the same environment. So what is the best way to manage them? The answer is simple: by ensuring you have the right records management program in place. At TAB, our Certified Records Managers and industry experts can help you in all areas of electronic records management. We have extensive expertise in Electronic records management program design and implementation, Preparing and converting your paper records to electronic format, Managing shared drives, Choosing and implementing RMS software, and records management products and services. When you have the RM program that is right for your organization, your electronic records will be managed effectively, you will increase your operational efficiencies, reduce your costs, and lower your exposure to risk. Get organized - Get TAB!

Records Management Software: Bring together electronic and physical records with TAB FusionRMS


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