Who we are: We specialize in automating work processes and managing sensitive information and confidential records. We do it through our services, backed up by technology-driven business process automation. We serve medical offices, hospitals, government agencies, schools, non-profits and corporations. What we do: We take the mundane, repetitive tasks that are time consuming and costly - and we streamline them through our services. Our digital mailroom services automate information capture and information sharing within your business. We also process, capture, and organize data from multiple input sources – paper, e-mail, fax, pdfs, docx, etc., - standardizing diverse inputs into searchable documents that can be accessed anywhere. We eliminate paper and then capture data from paper for accounts payables and receivables, insurance claims, static documents, surveys, and other business processes, and provide you with timely, actionable data. How we do it: Our team of document management experts provide creative solutions for your unique business challenges. We work collaboratively with you to solve your information management problems. What makes us special? Our secret sauce is all about our services: we offer high assurance customer services and quality control. We use best-of-breed technology and best practices for separation of duties. What this means: you can trust us to do the job right, protecting your money, your documents, and giving you timely access to your information. We handle any repetitive, ongoing tasks better than you can do it in-house. What solutions we offer: Our solutions include; Lockbox, Accounts Payable, Medical Records, Student Records, ROI, Corporate Records, Expenses, HR solutions and Claims.


2414 SW Andover Street
Suite E140
Seattle, WA 98106
United States

Seattle and Portland



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