OUR MISSION To revolutionize document signing and management for businesses through technology, design, and data We designed our solution to automate your document signing process & reduce document management costs — so you can focus on growing your business. Send Documents, Securely Signup & Setup. Registering & setting up your Signority account is surprisingly simple and can be completed in a few seconds. Upload & Customize. Upload your document and add your personal branding to the emails that you want to send your signatories. Drag & Drop. Drag and drop fields simplify the way you edit and design documents, making it painless to prep your document for signatures. Add & Send. Simply add in your recipient’s email and send your document for signing in just a few clicks. Get Signed, Anywhere Sign anywhere. Your recipients can view & sign documents online anywhere and on any device. Your signatories are instantly alerted when their signature is required. Stay on track. Once your document is sent, you can track its progress at all times. Get alerted every time your document is viewed and signed. Close deals faster. Close deals faster by ensuring your recipients sign on time. Our solution lets you schedule and send automated follow-up messages to your recipients. Ditch the complexity. Choose to easily get your documents signed by a multitude of recipients with our ‘Template Link’ and ‘Bulk Send’ features. Learn 11 Must Have Resources for Your Paperless Office:


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