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PDFTron is a document processing SDK that brings PDF, CAD, & MS Office capabilities to any software. Since 1998 PDFTron has been spearheading innovation in document processing by delivering technologies that enable businesses and users to be more productive when working with documents. Driven to continually improve our technology, we evolved from a .NET toolkit to the first ever serverless document processing PDF Toolkit for the web. In 2017 we expanded our WebViewer offering by releasing the first ever Office SDK, allowing users the ability to view and annotate MS Office files in the web browser. We continue to focus on improving our serverless technologies to enable simple deployment, unlimited scalability and more responsive end-user experience for our customers. Over 5000+ customers -- innovative start-ups, government institutions and leading fortune 500 businesses -- have embedded our technology across all popular platforms and frameworks. What drives us 1) Helping our customers create superior end-user experiences in their web, mobile & desktop applications 2) Enabling customers to rapidly develop and launch software applications 3) Delivering a consistent and reliable document experience that works everywhere 4) Creating value for our customers -- reducing software development time and maintenance costs, while increasing user adoption / productivity Committed to developer experience 1) Deliver feature rich and complete technology with consistent, fast and reliable performance across platforms and numerous file formats 2) Full control of customization options - build to your own unique requirements without compromising 3) Enable rapid integration & development 4) Provide unlimited support resources – online or directly by our engineers 5) Continuously enhance our technology through customer feedback, market trends and PDF specification revisions Products: 1) PDF SDK – embed our PDF SDK to add 100’s of features to web, mobile or desktop app. Features include viewing, annotating, converting, form filling, manipulating, signing, parsing and more. Easy to embed and maintain with a single cross-platform API that works across Web, Android, iOS, Xamarin, UWP, Windows, Linux and macOS. 2) MS Office SDK – view Word, Excel and PowerPoint files in your web browser, mobile or desktop app without plugins or 3rd party-licences. Combine with our PDF SDK to annotate, manipulate, edit, parse and collaborate on office files. 3) CAD SDK – embed our CAD SDK to view and convert DWG and RVT files in your web, mobile or desktop app. Combine with our PDF SDK to allow your users to measure, compare, annotate and collaborate on CAD drawings.


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