Lucy AI-Powered Knowledge Management by Equals 3


There is finally a technology for organizations struggling to manage and leverage their vast sums of information. If your internal knowledge isn’t easy to search, Lucy’s AI-powered knowledge management skills will be a game changer. She reads and learns all an organizations accumulated knowledge across all the different places the information lives. She takes written reports, PPTs, PDFs, videos, audios, graphs, datasets and learns them like an expert. Anytime new information is added or updated she learns that too. She can even connect to third-party data sources. When a member of your team has a question that could be answered by your trove of internal data assets, Lucy’s system makes it easy. Ask her what you’re looking for and she will do more than point you to the sources with answers. She delivers the specific answer unit within the relevant assets. When Lucy joins your team, you can count on her to read and learn every piece of knowledge that you feed her. She never leaves, never forgets and becomes smarter every day.


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