K2 is typically classified as a workflow or BPM (business process management) provider. Those terms can mean different things to different people, but on its most basic level, this involves capturing information on electronic forms and routing documents and tasks between people and systems. This is where we start, but we also deal in complex scenarios where multiple information systems are integrated and where the flow of data can be unpredictable or non-linear. Bottom line: K2-based solutions allow you to bust through more work faster — with fewer resources and better accuracy. Rules and policies ensure errors are eliminated, as K2 users work through their tasks via Web-based lists on their laptops or mobile devices. Our reporting tools are easy to use and customize, so you'll have insight into which areas of your business are streamlined and where the bottlenecks are. K2 fosters better decision-making because the right information is delivered to the right people at the right time, just like you'd draw it up. It all translates to lower costs and better customer service. The list of solutions you can build with K2 software is endless, but some of the most common scenarios are for automation of: > Contract approvals > Inventory control > Capital expenditure approvals > Case management > Project lifecycle management > Procurement > Product quality control > Vacation requests > HR onboarding

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