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Informed Group is a partner of OpenText Documentum, Microsoft Office 365 and OutSystems. Our experts leverage their experience with bespoke solutions but also the full software products that you need, to get the best ROI out of your EIM investments. Informed Group helps companies in designing, developing and implementing systems that help structure, manage and control processes and corresponding activities. We use established platforms like OpenText Documentum and Microsoft SharePoint/Office 365. We also use the state-of-the-art low-code platform that is available from OutSystems. Our experienced consultants help our customers throughout the processes: from setting demands and wishes, to testing the solution that has been developed. Our number one aim is to connect people to the enterprise. Our focus is not just on the technical aspects of a project, but also on usability. The consultants at Informed Group are passionate about technique but are also able to communicate with our customers on different levels of understanding about possibilities, risks and opportunities. We develop products that we sell directly to the costumer, but also via our partners, including OpenText. Informed Group is based in The Netherlands with offices in the Netherlands (Woerden), Belgium (Antwerp) and Ireland (Cork ). But the products we sell through the Informed Products brand are available world-wide. Informed Group was founded as Informed Consulting (January 2007) with a passion about Enterprise Content Management (ECM). Both the company and our domain of expertise matured. With the Informed Products and Informed Academy brands, we moved beyond consulting. Today we use our intelligence on the many Enterprise Information Management problems to be solved through bespoke solutions, software products and tailored education programs. Our principal goal remains to help connect people to the enterprise—bridging the gap between people and the enterprise as people collaborate in new and different ways outside the enterprise’s control. Informed Group offers solutions that connect Office 365 and Documentum. On top of the technical SPA4D platform, business problems are solved with Collaborative Edit or Collaborative Partner Exchange. Products that support the demands of your users under enterprise control. We also offer our own solution in the cloud: DOLSR. An enriched implementation of the OpenText Documentum Life Science Suite aimed at the mid-market. As a solution it might be specific to Life Science but the concept is industry independent and does apply to any regulated industry. Informed Group is an active member of the AIIM Leadership Council for EMEA.


Vijzelmolenlaan 8B

Woerden, Utrecht 3447 GX

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