The mission of IMS is to organize, store, protect and simplify the management and access of confidential documents and information. Have you ever had a simple idea that grew, developed and morphed beyond your expectations? That’s what happened to us here at IMS. We began by shredding paper: your office collected the unneeded paper; we picked it up, shredded and recycled it. 2018 is our tenth year in business. We’re proud to be in that 30 percent of startup companies still around after their first decade. Watching Our Business Grow We developed a large customer base and thought we were doing enough. Then we took our commitment to reducing paper and saving trees one step further by embracing document scanning services and document management software programs to easily find all your important information. As one solution led to another, we then focused our attention on helping our customers streamline their entire paper process and eliminate the paper problem before it stacked up again. This involved other software solutions for workflows, electronic forms, and electronic signature solutions. Once we ventured into software sales, our customers needed more so we added an IT division. Do you have computer problems? We offer a private cloud-based computing solution that will make you rethink your IT infrastructure. Our Services Do any of these products/services match your needs? > Shredding > Storage > Scanning We’re Triple-A certified by the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID). We voluntarily invited inspectors into our business to have them check every part of our shredding operation. Our CEO and founder, Vince, is one of only 10 resellers of FileBound who have been selected to be on its national Advisory Board. His input helps assure the best services/products for our customers. Our Quality Team IMS has assembled a team of trained professionals to help you because we know that implementing a records management plan can be frustrating and confusing. Our specialists will come to your place of business to evaluate your needs and develop a customized solution specifically tailored for you.


4720 E. Liberty St
Mexico, MO 65265
United States



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