ibml delivers complete document imaging solutions that combine world-class hardware, software, and services to help customers accelerate access to mission-critical business information, improve operations efficiency and effectiveness, reduce costs, and achieve operational excellence. We call this an end-to-end return on investment. ibml accomplishes this through a clear focus on the operational requirements and challenges of capturing content from documents, providing the most accurate and complete data possible to back-end content management and enterprise applications. Whether it’s product development, manufacturing, sales, delivery or support, operational excellence underlies everything we do. We back up this unique approach with the highest performing scanning and capture platform, a culture of customer satisfaction, and an adaptable and knowledgeable team. This approach delivers key benefits to executive management, operations managers, and IT managers alike.

See for yourself how ibml can help your organization eliminate content chaos.


2750 Crestwood Blvd.
Birmingham, AL 35210
United States

Headquartered in Birmingham AL

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  • End-to-end capture solutions
  • Advanced capture software
  • Reduce document preparation
  • Speed up access to data
  • Reduce exceptions
  • Improve operational control and visibility
  • Intelligent scanners that also support TWAIN devices
  • Accelerated Mortgage Capture software
  • Member of AIIM's  IIM Leadership Council

205 439-7100

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