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Haystac is a provider of cloud-based classification platform for unstructured data and content intelligence for companies that need a systemic way to classify and manage compliance documents across the organization. Haystac’s unified document classification and retention approach changes the economics of enterprise information governance with an end-to-end, fully integrated platform that delivers content intelligence that: -Considerably improves business operations -Removes the barriers between users and information -Is cloud-based, more sustainable, and cost effective Haystac LLC is a division of Solaris Development Inc., a USA corporation based in Boston. Haystac LLC was created to commercialize a nine years investment, started in 2003, in the development of advanced classification and retention platform. Haystac is focused on the practical application of machine learning and information extraction technologies to solve challenges faced by many enterprises in information governance – effective data compliance and retentions for unstructured data that is either electronically stored or scanned and captured in an Enterprise Content Management systems (ECM). Haystac’s Unified Information Governance (UIG) platform allows enterprises the ability to expose documents for classification and indexing based on their business purpose while eliminating unnecessary data. Haystac UIG guarantees a minimum accuracy level regardless of document quality. The technology is capable of processing large and old image files to identify and count document headers answering the question “What’s in this file of value and importance?” The core technology, based on extensive academic research, contains advanced and highly sophisticated algorithms that allow the highest degree of information assurance and governance of enterprise data, with advanced set of tools for customization, integration and scalability – A provisional patent application has been filed. Haystac’s Enterprise-class, Unified Information Governance (UIG) solution integrates into existing workflows of Information Governance from document scanning, (digitization) to digital data repositories, to clean, indexed, classified, summarized data – ready for use in a variety of Enterprise Content Management Systems or for any other purposes.


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