gDoc Platforms make the move from paper to digital effortless. They enable gDoc partners – software vendors and enterprises – to launch new desktop and mobile solutions within weeks. The gDoc Application Platform is specifically designed to create modern, high-quality document applications quickly. It can be used to create digital versions of ring-binders, document assembly tools, notebooks, whiteboards or personal organisers. Using the gDoc Printer Platform you can easily bundle PDF export and creation capabilities with your applications, corporate process or Windows 8 device. gDoc provides the science behind the perfect digital page and is a brand of Global Graphics Software. gDoc platforms have evolved from Global Graphics Software’s long-standing expertise in Page Description Languages, notably PDF and XPS. So although gDoc is a relatively young brand it draws upon more than 25 years of specialist skills in document technology, fonts, images, and colour science. So gDoc partners can be sure that they are benefitting from the very latest innovations that allow them to produce the perfect page across many different platforms and devices. Global Graphics is a leading developer of software platforms on which our partners create solutions for digital printing, digital document and PDF applications. We are a public company listed on NYSE Euronext (GLOG). The roots of the company go back to 1986 and to Cambridge University, and, today the majority of the R&D team is still based near this iconic university town. There are also offices near Boston, Massachusetts, in Tokyo and in Taiwan.

gDoc - makes the move from paper to digial effortless


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