At Gimmal, we enable organizations to make the most of their investment in Microsoft technologies. We are the world’s leading provider of software solutions built on Microsoft SharePoint for enterprise information governance and management, certified records management, and SAP content archiving and interoperability. Gimmal drives organizations to leverage SharePoint as the single source for access, management and governance of enterprise content, seamlessly connecting people and information with business processes both on-premises and in the Cloud, while driving efficiencies and cost savings. We combine documents, scanned images, and content including SAP transactional information to create powerful business solutions that are consistently deployed in SharePoint and transparently managed under compliance. Information management for everyone, everywhere is here. Business users’ productivity is improved, compliance is extended to everyone, and eDiscovery is further simplified. Our solutions eliminate the need for costly and redundant traditional ECM suites to manage content and promote the new Office 365 and Azure Cloud environments. Information Technology, Legal and Records Management groups like the familiarity, lower cost of ownership, control, global support and end-user adoption. Together we can transform your SharePoint environment into a more scalable and consistent enterprise platform that delivers enhanced access, governance, usability, search, compliance, and improved business processes. Gimmal is the premier provider for commercial and government organizations demanding the most productive and compliant SharePoint solutions to manage their business critical information. Since 2002, Gimmal has delivered information management for global organizations across many industries, including government, manufacturing, energy, financial services, insurance and healthcare. Our solutions manage and protect their information, integrate their SharePoint environment, and extend SharePoint to drive productivity. Gimmal is a Depth Managed Gold Certified Microsoft Partner and GSA provider, Microsoft Business Critical SharePoint (BCSP) and Microsoft-SAP Unite partner. Gimmal offers Apps on Office and Windows App Stores.


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Houston, TX 77046
United States

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