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The DitaExchange solution helps organizations establish a “single-source of truth” for all content developed within the organization. All information developed using Dx4 is structured into topics or pieces that can be pulled into document maps that are published as needed. This dynamic process speeds time in authoring, reduces approval cycles, facilitates re-use and ensures consistency across the organization.

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  • Drag and Drop: DxNavigator is the next-generation interface for working in maps. Drag and drop, preview and discuss topics, all in a modern HTML5 interface.
  • Flexible Topic Architecture: Choose DITA XML or Word topics. Mix and match both topic types, even within a single map.
  • Easy DITA Authoring: Using the familiar Word interface, easily generate complex, valid DITA topics without any knowledge of DITA markup.
  • DITA Features in Word Topics: DxAuthor extends Word’s capabilities to incorporate DITA features such as content reference into Word topics.
  • Make It Your Own: DxPublisher allows you to easily customize the look and feel of your documents. Publish to branded PDF or Word documents in minutes.
  • On-the-fly: Automatically generate HTML, JSON, or XML renditions of topics for presentation on a publishing site.
  • Review and Approval: Use SharePoint’s robust workflow architecture to track approval status for your maps and topics.
  • Translation Support: Easily export content for translation and track status of translation jobs in process.
  • Reporting: Easily see where a topic is used, find orphan topics and broken links, and more.

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