CUBE - Regulatory Intelligence & Regulatory Change Management


Records management just got way more challenging. Escalating volumes of financial services regulation, and complexities surrounding the intersecting worlds of records, data, privacy and security, have put age-old manual processes and outdated systems to the test. In the past, Records Managers have focused primarily on the source of records, the formats they are stored in, where and for how long. Retention schedules were established, but records were often retained beyond regulatory requirements, in case they were needed in future for compliance/litigation purposes. Today, with heightened focus on personal data, retention is as risk-laden as disposal. Retaining records for too long is as culpable (if not more so) than disposing of them too soon. How does CUBE help? CUBE is a purpose-built RegTech solution, engineered by experts in information governance, records management and financial services regulation. Our enterprise-scale, AI-driven regulatory intelligence platform automates the process of managing regulatory change. CUBE customers are Tier 1 & 2 financial institutions, most of which follow our best practice information governance framework to ensure records retention compliance. For these firms, CUBE offers: - rule types spanning the entire regulatory spectrum for records and data, not just retention. Rule types include: Accessibility, Creation, Cross-border, Destruction, Format, Limitation, Location, Movement, Privacy, Protection, Retention, Signature/Authenticity, Submission, Visibility - rule recommendations at all levels (business/process/records), with a defined workflow for review, approval and distribution - visibility of all records mapped to your specific taxonomies, and suggested rules - clarification around contradictory regulations e.g. retention versus privacy/protection - custom taxonomy views e.g. records retention at jurisdictional or business level - technology-enabled connectivity and policy management – federated infrastructures accessing CUBE regulatory intelligence, and enabling compliance, globally and regionally - enterprise-scale mapping of records retention regulation, to every record Retention types include - Exact: retain for a specified period; destroy at period-end - Maximum: retain for a maximum time-period - Minimum: retain for a minimum time-period - No Longer than Necessary (NLTN): retain records no longer than is necessary, for the purpose for which they were created; destroy it at period-end CUBE Key features: - day one insight into regulatory records retention requirements - automated capture of records retention regulations (all regulators, globally) - exceptional global coverage, 180+ jurisdictions (country/federal/state), 60 languages - consistent classification of all regulatory requirements - fully-automated mapping of regulation to your business/jurisdictions/policies/controls; know where areas of non-compliance or sub-optimal policy lie - fully-automated schedules and application of policy; create and distribute compliant global and jurisdictional policies, by line-of-business/process - single view of inventory with centralized oversight - 24/7/365 monitoring of updates in rules/regulations/enforcement data/trends - real-time notifications of regulatory change at both records/data level; multiple languages, all jurisdictions - fully-automated gap analysis to assess the impact of regulatory change, in real-time - 360-degree visibility of compliance risk, via customizable graphical dashboards, compliance heatmaps and dynamic custom reports - defensible audit trail, with defined policy owners/permissions, automated change tracking and capture of decision rationale CUBE maintains a single inventory for required records, provides updates on regulatory change and highlights its impact on your records retention policy, by line-of-business and jurisdiction. Records managers can create and distribute policy consistently, across the enterprise. CUBE enables compliant cross-border practices and the effective management of legal holds. We accelerate e-discovery, and vastly reduces record-keeping costs. No other solution can claim the same.


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