What are the Steps to a leaner, faster Finance Process? - The Business Case for AP Automation


The world of finance and finance systems is at the very centre of the leading-edge developments in new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Process Automation. Discover the key trends in Finance Transformation and how your business could benefit from process improvements such as AP Automation. Learn what are the natural steps to automation, how to make it as easy as possible, and what the investment case looks like. Why attend? This event is designed to equip attendees with an understanding of the key impacts of technology on the Finance Department across all industries. Come along and learn from industry experts and through case studies how technology such as AP automation can work for your business: - Learn how Finance Transformation can impact your business - See how technology can bring business benefits now - Discover the ROI story and the steps to implementation Our keynote speaker, Jamie Radford, CEO of the AP Association, will present these key trends and how they are impacting on business both now and in the future. Learn also, how practical first-steps are both easy and manageable for processes such as Account Payable invoice processing and what the return on investment can look like.

Wed February 21, 2018 08:30 am To: Wed - February 21, 2018 - 11:00 am
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