August 23 Webinar: Take Control Over Information Capture and Use with DocuWare Forms


Register today! Collecting accurate, structured information is crucial to your core processes. But doing it efficiently involves eliminating dependence on illegible paper forms, PDFs that never work right, and error-prone manual data entries. Modern web forms simplify, improve and accelerate data collection. Not only are they instantly available to anyone on any device, but forms provide usable, structured and precise data that can be used to automate information flow through your team. DocuWare Forms provides design control over positioning, labels and more – all configured through a highly intuitive drag’n’drop interface. No programming and no IT support is required. Join us in this 30-minute product webinar as a digital workflow expert showcases an introductory demo of DocuWare Forms. Now you will be able to: • Create flexible, useful web-based forms with no programming required • Use text fields, checkboxes, dropdowns, calendar inputs, file uploads and more for precise and secure information capture • Decide which fields are required to optimize your own processes When you’re ready, grab the URL and share it with the world. All forms are secure and automatically optimized for mobile. Register today! Can’t make it? Register anyway and we’ll send you a recording of the webinar the following week.

Thu August 23, 2018
To: Thu - August 23, 2018
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