Events from 04/21/2017

Kill Your File Shares Webinar

in Taxonomy and Metadata, Search, Information Governance, Content Analytics

Save costs and reduce data risk by killing your file shares! Learn how unstructured information poses significant security risks to any organization, and understand the ROI in analyzing, discovering and deleting ROT data.

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11720 Plaza America Drive
Reston, Virginia 20190
United States

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When Mon 11/20/2017 01:30 pm - 02:30 pm

The Future of Finance - AP Automation. Business Benefits and Efficiencies in AP

in Information Governance, Electronic Records Management, Collaboration, Business Process Management

Kefron is hosting an educational Lunch & Learn event in conjunction with BDO to discuss how the AP workflow is ripe with fraud opportunities and how AP Automation can assist with Fraud Mitigation in your business.

The Marker Hotel

Dublin 2


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When Fri 11/24/2017 10:30 am - 02:00 pm

Information Development World 2017

Preparing Content for Intelligent Machines: Intelligent agents and AI-powered cognitive content solutions perform best with machine-ready content—intelligent content designed to be read by humans and processed by computers. To deliver the right answe

Quadrus Conference Center & Catering

2400 Sand Hill Road Menlo Park
Menlo Park, California 94025
United States

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When Tue 11/28/2017 08:30 am - 05:00 pm

December 19 Webinar: Keep Projects Moving into the New Year with Automated, Collaborative Workflows

in Search, Enterprise Content Management, Electronic Records Management, Collaboration, Business Process Management

See an introduction to DocuWare Workflow Manager. By allowing for more transparency, visibility and feedback, digital workflows enable organizations to avoid inefficient workarounds and improve knowledge sharing across the entire organization.

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When Tue 12/19/2017 12:00 am - 12:00 am